Sunday, February 5, 2012

Green Storm Bracelet

 Only one bracelet this week... I am getting slow.
Naah. I was just really busy.
Lucky me, I had a few more Etsy sales this week. Makes me so happy to see my Preciouses finding loving homes.
 I was able to acquire a very large and very beautiful plume agate cabochon, a real beauty really.
First, it made me think of aquatic images, maybe coral, maybe light on water. But somehow that was not what the stone wanted to be... It wanted to be a sky.
A great  stormy sky over green woodland.
 You know the kind of storms, that  take forever to get ready  on long summer afternoons, when the air is full of electricity and anticipation, and the light turns all strangely yellow, and then finally, the silence is broken by thunder?
 I had that in mind with this piece. Something like it. Creatures bellow the sky in the woods stirring, trying to find a spot to hide before the fat rain drops hit them on the head.
 And the landscape comes alive with the first drop, the wind picks up, you can hear the leaves singing with the wind, but the rain drops are warm, and it feels like nature is breathing through rain.
Not that all that could be contained in a bracelet, but those were my thoughts while I was stitching away...


  1. Varázslatosan szép és nagyon különleges!

  2. You formed fantastic one again! I love it this bracelet of yours!! I like your stories what you write to it. These colours stand very near to me.

  3. Hello dear Kinga,
    Beautifully told and carefully observed - the events in nature before the start of a warm summer rain!
    All this is reflected beautifully in the bracelet. It has its own character and is very lively. I think, the latter is a hallmark of your jewelry. Congratulations to you and your sales on Etsy. Also, I congratulate you on your number of followers. They are more every day.
    Best greetings:

  4. Fantasztikusan szép egyedi munka!!Nagyon tetszik az egész szín és formavilága!

  5. Hi,Kinga:
    The only one bracelet,but the beautiful one:-)
    You are mentioning about 'getting slow'...It's rather no strange:the bracelet must have demanded lots of work and attention.I am also slow at beading.
    The plumme agate in the centre is wonderful.It adds the special character to the piece.I like all the colors here and the use of pearls.This bracelet is really charming.

  6. Your choice of a storm brewing is perfect for this focal piece. The colors really capture the feeling of a big storm brewing! Your work is lovely.

  7. That is a beautiful piece! I just made my first embroidered cuff bracelet and really struggled with the free form nature of it. I hope one day it will come as effortlessly to me as it seems to for you. Congratulations on your recent sales!

  8. Kinga, I love it I think it is super cool and when I first saw it I thought the stone looked like it had a cloud pattern.

  9. That is a killer beautiful stone and you have given it the perfect setting. The thinking is poetry. Congratulations my friend!