Saturday, February 11, 2012

Summer Garden Bracelet

 This is not going to be very different from some previous bracelets...
It looks like when I am in a state of stress, I just go back to my happy colors, such as purple and orange.
 The beautiful stone here is a superb quality fossilized coral. I don't  think I've ever seen a nicer specimen.
Lots of rivolis, the little ones are vintage cathedral color, the big guy is topaz.

 I was thinking about a lush summer garden while working on this. A swing on a big tree, squirrels playing, birds singing, kittens chasing birds, Sammy chasing kittens, kind of a  long summer afternoon in the company of some ice tea while admiring the beauty around...
 I hope I am not getting too boring with these bracelets. I just really enjoy making them.


  1. Újra és újra gyönyörű! Szeretem csodálni az ékszereidet!

  2. I love it this bracelet of yours. Fantastic this stone,so much intensive, he has a rich colour,very nice.

  3. Hi:-)
    It's beautiful.
    Fantastic design.It looks as if everything was planned to the last inch of the detail.
    One of the most beautiful jewellery item I have ever seen.Also the finishing is incredible.
    Fabulous Work!
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  4. you are not getting boring at all with these bracelets :)
    You are such an inspiration I wish we had a place where they sell normal beads etc.
    I totally love this bracelet,it's very elegant.
    You are amazing

  5. Beautiful colors, beautiful edges, super cohesive whole and fantastic texture. YEOWSER girl! Stay happy.

  6. Not boring at all. It's beautiful!

  7. Stunning beadwork with striking colors :)
    Thank you for visiting my "NEW" Blog.
    -Eva Maria

  8. Wow Kinga, your happy colors make me happy when I see the gorgeousness you do with them. Your creations are never boring and if bracelets are what you like then by all means keep them coming.

  9. You know, dear Kinga, how I love your work of art! This is a further exellent piece made by you. The colors and style is amazing and
    the bracelet radiates such joy and warmth!
    Send you a hug:

  10. Purple and orange! And done so beautifully too! Your intricate beadwork never ceases to amaze me.