Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sammy's 4th Birthday

Canine Supermodel Samantha Regina hosted a small get together last night. Her boyfriend Tankie R. and his parents came over to celebrate with us . Samantha was wearing her famous bunny hair sweater she got for Christmas. ( It was a random sale item a Marshall's and I was told no bunnies were harmed in the making. Apparently these bunnies have really thick fur, and they enjoy getting plucked . Also, don't worry, I don't dress her up all the time, although she does wear sweaters in the winter, because it gets very cold around here, and she is almost naked on her tummy, but I don't make her wear silly dresses for no good reason.)
First, there was butt sniffing.
 Then the guest tackled the birthday balloons. He enjoys popping them. Sammy is a bit scared of them, the balloons are mostly for Tank's enjoyment. He popped all 15 in a matter of about 5 minutes.
 We had dinner, and when the time came for cupcakes, it turned out that I forgot the candle. I did have the one from last year though, so Sammy got to turn 3 for the second time.
 This was the most still these two stayed for hours. 
 Birthday smiley Sammy.
 And Tankie, destroying some of the squeekies we had laying around. 
 Meanwhile Sammy was working on using this nubby blue thing that used to be part of a gummy caterpillar  as a chewing gum.
 Tankie knows how to impress his lady. This is one of his tricks.

While I really didn't get much beading done, we all had fun, especially Sammy and Tank. They have not seen each other for ever, since Tank moved away. (He used to be our neighbor). I guess we have to get them together after this, it is pretty clear that these two are just meant for each other...


  1. Happy birthday your doggie!
    We live with two Hungarian retrievers, at us family members!! They are somewhat older already only. 8 year ones will be the bigger ones in a May already, the small one 5 - one around 6. We do not know it punctually because we took him in so.

  2. Happy Birthday Sammy !!
    Nagyon jo otlet ez a gyertya:))) En is a tavalyi szamot irom ra az idei tortamra a baj csak az hogy attol meg az evek ugyanugy repkednek :)
    Jo egeszseget Sammy es remelem tobbet latod a kis baratodat a jovoben

  3. What an adorable couple, Happy Birthday Miss Sammy!!

  4. Hello:-)
    Nice Birthday Report-fine photos,beautiful Dogs:-)
    Warm Hugs to the Owner-to You:-)
    -from Halinka-a dogs' lover.

  5. So cute photos from so cute dogs!!! They are both beautiful and clever too. Happy Birthday, dear Sammy, best wishes and luck for your next living year!
    Best greetings: