Monday, February 13, 2012

Woodland Time!

 It is indeed time to take a walk through the woods, and there is no better way doing that then hand in hand with friends. This post features two of my favorite Etsy artists who make wonderful things that fit the theme.  First, let me introduce Janine of Foxtail Creek Studios.
 Her work is so full of life and fun! She makes needle felted sculptures that capture the essence of the forest. They are simple, yet sophisticated, realistic, but fairy tale like and so very useful.
Some of them, like the one above here double as a pin cushion. And that's exactly how I have found her, looking for a pin cushion.
 And now I am the proud owner of not only a pin cushion, but a piece of incredibly functional art that makes my beading space, (fancy way of saying the wooden trunk in front of which I perch on the floor to bead,) ever so zen.
A couple months ago I had a sudden urge to learn needle felting, only to find out that there are other needles out there, that can do more damage to my fingers then my size 12 beading needles.

 Needless to say (no pun intended), I admire Janine's art all the much more knowing how much work goes into all her enchanted creations.
If you click on the this link, it will take you to Janine's blog.And don't forget to visit her Etsy store, Foxtail Creek Studio .
 Next stop, my new bracelet.
 Wee fox, sleeping on the autumn forest floor...
 And that brings me to Rebekah of Tree Wings Studio.
I have featured her work before, when I made the Nesting Owl Cuff.
She makes the cutest sleepy woodland critters and funky nature inspired beads of all shapes and sizes.
 I already have the little deer from her shop, and another owl too, and I will just have to keep on making sleepy critter bracelets, because they melt my heart. So much adorableness.
Rebekah, if you are reading this, one of my customers would LOVE to have a sleepy Bluejay.Just in case you are contemplating what little critter to make next...
And here is my favorite guy, the sleepy little owl.
Here is a link to Rebekah's blog and another one to her Etsy store.


  1. Kinga you are a sweetie! Thank you so much for taking the time to write about my work. Oh, and I have also been a fan of Tree Wings Studio for a while now! I love how you incorporated her fox into your beautiful bracelet...just amazing!

  2. This bracelet is very sweet! These little animalcule are wonderful. Curious I am from the fawn what you prepare.

  3. Both featured artist's work is delightful! The twin kits look like they would be fantastic buttons too! And I love the little deer bracelet as well. Sooo sweet, and a beautiful design.

  4. Kinga, you are too wonderful!! It's so special to be featured here on your blog and even more so to see another of my little sleepy critters at home in one of your beautiful works of art! And an orange and purple one at that! :-)

    I am thrilled! Thank you! (And what a cute idea to make a blue jay... I'm on it!)

    Foxtail Creek Studio is a recent new favorite of mine and I've been browsing her shop... I'm thinking I may need one of her felted beauties very soon... if only I could pick just one... :-)

  5. Hi there! I am Kinga's friend Brooke...she had asked about the sleeping blue jay for me but actually I wanted a Blue bird instead...could you make that? Your creations are so cute!! Many Thanks, Brooke

  6. Kinga, I found your blog through a photo on Pinterest, and I absolutely love your work! You have a great sense of color, design, and texture. Looking at your pieces makes me want to start making beaded bracelets right this second. :)

    -- Sarah of Saturday Sequins