Friday, March 2, 2012

My Mine.... A very blingy bracelet

 It's time again for the Etsy Beadweaver's challenge as March is rolling around.
This month the theme is "Destinations". Most of my fellow team members went with real places like Peru or  sandy beaches, or the magical East.

And they are all awesome.

It's just that I don't do reality too well.

 I do imagination well.

 "My Mine" is based on my fascination with the mine of the seven dwarves in Snow White.
While I am usually not very happy with over simplified Disney versions of fairy tales, when it comes to Snow White, I always loved the movie.  Maybe because it was the first full lenght feature, with more depth to it then many that followed... Who knows. I have soft spot for Snow White.

Especially when Snow White is running away from home, through the woods full of mean trees. That is truly inspiring to me
(Yupp, I am truly, painfully weird .)

Then the mine where the dwarfs go to work... With all the gems known to humankind in one mine, with a bunch of subterranean happy workers, free of lung disease , all happy , no worries, singing their happy "heigh ho" song... 
That got me wishing for such a place to exist, if only in my dreams, for as long as I can remember.Especially because I came from what used to be a mining town, and I understood even at a young age that the images portrayed in the movie were as far from reality as they could possibly be.
But it was so dreamy.

Finally  I decided to use the ginormous Swarovski stone that my friend Marsha gave me months ago, and I  knew what that stone reminded me of, and it was that mine of course.
 Cold shimmery stone walls, symbolized by the matte zinc colored metal seed beads, with great textures in an asymmetric pattern that manages to be balanced without being repeated, that was my aim with this one.

Who knows if it really succeeded, but it sure makes me happy. And while this bracelet has already found a home, it is hard to let it go, and I promised myself to remake it for me.

So  much bling, so little time.

If you have a chance, pop by between the 9th and 15 of March to cast a vote for your favorite entry. There are some awesome pieces this month. Here is the link for the Etsy Beadweaves Guild.


  1. Egyszerűen nem találom a szavakat! Ez a karkötő annyira, de annyira gyönyörű!!!! Micsoda munka fekszik benne, de bőven megérte, mert káprázatos!

  2. This was a fantastic bracelet again! I like the stories to it. :-))

  3. Wow! You did it again!! I just woke up and was trying to catch up with my favourite blogs just to wear the sleep off before I get out of bed (habit of mine), so I was browsing laying down with my laptop on my chest and this piece made me literally sit up to take a better look and now I am fully awake and loving what I see. Where to go Kinga! Well done indeed!!! And good luck with it.

  4. Hi:-)))
    OMG!!!Where did You get that BIG crystal? Is it Swarovski?? if it's not a'mystery',could I get the address of a shop? :-)I haven't seen so big ones at the Fire Mountain and Gems'.
    The bracelet is MIRACULOUS.I admire the colors-I like the 'volcano' Swarovski rivoli-I have some of them and have been thinking of the next design:-)
    The warmth of the crystals has been 'cooled down' by the use of silver,not i.e. gold or copper.This 'trick' allows to keep the balance in colors,otherwise it would've made an impression of being too 'hot':-))
    I love this design.Fabulous work of Yours!
    Great Hugs-Halinka-

  5. I love your Mine! Its really gorgeous and I think you have balanced the design without repetition! Beautiful!

  6. GORGEOUS!! You make the most beautiful creations!

  7. Kinga, I want to come and dig in you mine if I can find something as beautiful as your cuff. It is so gorgeous. Your talent is amazing.

  8. Kedves Kinga! Köszönöm a linket!Elmentettem! Csodásak az ékszereid, imádom!(:-))))

  9. What an absolutely stunning cuff. I absolutely adore the matte, metallic beads against the vibrant, sparkly gems.

    Thanks so much for taking me on a journey back through my childhood that was Snow White. Gosh I haven't watched that film in at least a year or two so must encourage my little man to watch it's a good excuse for me to watch it too... but then again I really shouldn't need an excuse...i can consider it creative inspiration!


  10. I like your world.....screw reality :) I'm a dark side gal too and it doesn't seem the slightest bit weird that you are inspired by mean trees!

  11. I like your world.....screw reality :) I'm a dark side gal too and it doesn't seem the slightest bit weird that you are inspired by mean trees!

  12. The contrast of the fiery rhinestones to the cool tone of silver beads is just fantastic! The frames of the stones look so plastic, like a well-shapped sculpture.
    Best greetings: