Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring And Bunnies Shall Follow Winter And A Poor Doped Up Pup

 I decided to take a well deserved break from my bead desk and my computer. I have succeeded for a whole week. Meanwhile, I redesigned our living room, got new shelves and a new computer desk and plants I named in the hope that this way I won't forget to water them, and finished three sculptures for my wall.

I can't not do something.
Staying put is simply not an option...
And when my day off rolled around, I just decided to finish my Spring Cuff that I sat aside last week.
 This whole obsession started with the winter solitude cuff that has been so successful that I had to remake it. By the time I finished the second one, my heart was left in the woods, and had to make a spring version of it.
Here is is.

And there were bunnies.

Tiny glass bunny cabochons I scored on Etsy.  I carefully hid the bunnies in the fresh grass among the purple beads that symbolize violets. But if you look close, there they are, four bunnies all together.
 An added reason for  taking a shorty break was that I was expecting my very first, very own labels . They eventually got here, but were not the right color, I wanted them crimson with a frog on them. The frog was there ,but they were white. I was desperate to label this cuff and so I just used a sharpie to color the label. I admit, the color is closer to fuchsia then crimson, but it's a step in the right direction, and the next batch will feature fat little toadies on a crimson back ground.
 The wonderful clasp I used here is one of the Beadsmith's new collection called Elegant Elements. So easy to use, has the right feel, right weight to it, I definitely recommend these, they are worth the extra buck.
 Poor Samantha Regina after her early morning swimming session has encountered a yellow jacket. I noticed it right away, as she was pawing at the little insect and trying to bite it, but I had no idea if she was stung or not. Normally Sammy makes a baby crying sound when in pain, but this time she  did not make a peep. I wanted be on the safe side, as boxers are usually allergic to insect bites, and administered a properly large dose of Benadryl.
So here we have the canine super model all sprawled out on the couch, snoring for three hours. When she woke up she was upset that she missed out on so much wiggling, so Paul and I took her to the her swimming hole again.


  1. Kinga te egy muvesz vagy !!
    Ez a cuff annyira fantasztikus mintha meseorszagban lenne az ember.
    Minden munkad szeretem de a teli erdo es ez a legeslegkedvencebb szamomra..
    Hu de szep :)

  2. Nagyon tetszik a téli kari is ,de ez hozzám sokkal közelebb áll.Szeretem a tavaszt,a színeket.Nagyon édesek a kis nyuszkók!

  3. Egyet kell értsek Amy-vel, a téli erdő olyat adott nekem, hogy úgy éreztem minden munkád látnom kell majd. Nos, nem csalódtam... Teee jóó ég!! Bámulatos, gyönyörű munka és tervezés.

  4. HI,Kinga:
    Fantastic spring on Your Bracelet.So many colors,so much 'action' caused by all those beads and bunniec.This is that kind of art object,I could look at every day and each time I'd discover something new.

  5. I just love this cuff! It absolutely yells Spring. I also love Samantha, poor baby.

  6. Húúú, Kinga! egyszerűen fantasztikus!!! Nem találok szavakat...

  7. FABULOUS cuff Kinga. And get well quick to Samantha Regina.

  8. Kinga, I'm in love with that bracelet! It's stunning.

    Poor Samantha. I hope she's feeling better!

  9. Gosh! This bracelet called for a resounding WOW! The first time I saw the winter bracelet, I was astonished and even more so when you made a near replica of it, which I though must have been hard to get it right and still as gorgeous. Of course I thought it couldn't be better in any other colours. Am I wrong!!! This one is.....WOW! Well done!!

  10. You were very busy and yet you have completed ​​this enchanting bracelet. It is one of my favorite pieces, full of delicate details. I like it in the winter version, as well as in the fresh springtime version. To me it looks like a painting of the Impressionists. Bravo dear Kinga!
    Send you a hug:

  11. Fantasztikusan szép és ötletes ez a kari! Gratulálok!!!