Friday, March 9, 2012

Bioluminescent Spring Bracelet and Hot Chocolate

 I can't seem to be able to snap out of this bracelet  phase, where no other kind of jewelry seems even remotely as seductive as wrist adornments.
Perhaps the reason is that  bracelets are more introverted then necklaces.
When we wear necklaces, we know they are beautiful, they might even feel good, but we are ultimately denied the pleasure of looking at them all day.
So necklaces, and following the same logic, earrings are for others, to be exhibited and flaunted, but ultimately for the pleasure of the viewer rather then the wearer.
And that has it's place.

As a matter of fact, I am planning to finish up a necklace project that has been stalling for a year now, and it's going to be quite different ....

 But for now, I am still in love with bracelets.
You can look at them all day. As your hands and arms are the bridges between you and the world, bracelets are a well balanced sort of jewelry too, where the wearer gets to bask in the beauty of the piece all day, yet in can be shared with the world, as the viewer can still admire it too.

This piece is called Bioluminescent Spring.
The Czech glass button has this truly luminescent quality, where it's color hovers between pearly purple and milky aqua, and I wanted to build a spring like world around it, light and fresh, and totally out of the box.
I found this wonderful button at Blue Marble Beads on Etsy, a wonderful treasury of vintage beading supplies, really hard to find stuff.

 I feel like whenever I plan something as asymmetrical as this piece, the elements of it and the "weight of the pattern" has to be well balanced.I imagine colors have weight, and depending on their weight, the two sides have to be balanced without even remotely resembling one another.
 There needs to be negative space too, because  with such a big bracelet it does not hurt if it has an airy quality to it, so it doesn't feel like it's taking over your personal space.
I wanted to have circles, kind of like how the early light breaks on a pool of spring water, and I wanted texture. These big chunky pearls really added to the feeling of some sort of buds on the surface of  that water. Or  just budding flowers anyways.
 The lining is embossed metallic light blue sheepskin. I like using metallic leathers, they add a unique touch. The claps is just a simple copper tube clasp, super durable, nothing fancy but all the more functional.
Then last but not least there is hot chocolate, because in Boulder the weather can't make up it's mind if it's ready for spring or not, and we have a beautiful sunny day or two, only to find the car sheathed in ice the next day, and that's when I bring out the hot chocolate  and whip up some cream to top it with.
As long as there is a bit of winter left, I find an excuse so indulge in such.


  1. You know I am a huge fan of bracelets and cuffs... and I have never thought why I love them so much but your theory is just perfect! It's true...I find myself staring down at my wrist all day!

    I adore your new cuff. The colours are just divine and remind me of the ocean...soft, tranquil but welcoming. I also love the hollowed out sections - adds that extra element of interest to the piece...not that you need it but you know what I mean! I'd wear this in a heartbeat!


  2. Hiába írunk már márciust, az igazi tavasz csak nem akar megjönni nálunk sem.Nagyon tetszenek ezek a friss zöldek a karkötődön:-))Megint nagyot alkottál!:-)))

  3. Ő is gyönyörű lett!!! Varázslatos ez a tavaszias színvilág! Nagyon tehetséges vagy!

  4. This is a very girly piece!Stunningly beautiful!Congrats!

  5. Hi,Kinga:-)
    The design of Your new art piece reminds me the reef and the marine life.It's underwater Spring,surely:-))
    I like the color,also the way of stitching,the beads YOu'have used here and the crystals.This is a very unique design,like all previous ones I could admire.
    Warm,Spring Hugs-Halinka-

  6. The negative spaces make me happy!

  7. The negative spaces make me happy!

  8. I loved what you had to say about appreciating bracelets both as an observer and as a wearer. Now I want to make a bracelet!!! I also love the layout. Beautifully airy and springy. You achieved your goal. I especially like the bugle bead "bridge to nowhere," which to me has a freeform peyote quality. And your linings are always a aurprise and a delight!!! Bravo.

  9. Such beautiful colors in this cuff, Kinga, lovely work!
    Your theory about bracelets and cuffs is spot on, it makes so much sense! I never really thought about it that way before.

    Oh and I must say I am in LOVE with your mugs =)

  10. I'm in love with bracelets too! They're just fabulous... and yours of course, are extra fabulous! Each new one amazes me more and more and I'm left wondering "how do you do make them so wonderful?" This little insight into your creation process was so fun to read.

    P.S. I'm following your blog now. :-) Thanks for the update!

  11. another masterpiece :)
    Have something for you in my blog.

  12. This bracelet is incredibly stunning! What a way to make that vintage button look fabulous! Your mugs are so sweet. We are having wacky weather in MA too. I opened the windows to the house twice this week but had to turn the heat on last night! I have to agree about the $3 cupcakes being too expensive too. Luckily baking can be fun!

  13. Your bracelets are so inspiring! I hope you never stop making them.

  14. Not sure if I'm double posting or not, but wanted to make sure I tell you how much I love your bracelets! They are very inspiring and please don't stop making them!

  15. Beautiful, absolutely brings spring to mind.

  16. A very opluent, magnificent bracelet in a beautiful, harmonious color scheme.
    Fascinating for me is, that it has not been made ​​symmetrical. Despite this,its proportions are just perfect!

  17. Gyönyörű lett a karkötőd, imádom a színeit! Gratulálok a munkáidhoz nagyon ügyes vagy! Köszönöm a címet!

  18. Kinga,
    I love bracelets too. You are so right not only can the viewer admire the bracelet, but so can you. If I were wearing the above bracelet I would get nothing done, because all my attention would be on the bracelet, it is gorgeous!