Monday, April 23, 2012

The Last Octopus, For A While At Least

 After the light purple and orange octopus bracelet, I felt like there was at least one more octopus left in my system that needed to get out. This last effort produced a Midnight Octopus. Not very different from the last, but for a while the octopi seemed to hijack my best creative efforts.
I moved on. For now.
Can't guarantee that they won't  resurface...
 The thing I am most excited about this week, is that I am getting a new camera.
When I have my awesome new Nikon D3100, I will take pictures of my old camera with it, and that will really put all my previous pictures in a better perspective...
 Not that a fancy camera will make me a better photographer, but I think it will help to develop this side of my art, so to speak. There is only so much you can do with bad equipment.
Like this picture: I used a light box, ok lighting, good back drop, and the picture is flat as could be, the beauty of the multicolored beads is lost on this photograph...
Hopefully I can do better then this with the new one.
 What my ittsy bittsy point and shoot camera is really good for, is outdoor pictures, like this one, Sammy enjoying the beautiful spring weather.
 It's so nice to live in such a beautiful place, we take advantage of it as much as we can. I wish I had any camera on me earlier today, when we went for a nice walk along the Boulder Creek. There were two young deers grazing by the bike path, and Sammy was mesmerized. So were the deer, and one of them came really close to us, her nose was about a foot and a half away from Sammy's, they were sniffing and studying each other.There was almost an inter-species Eskimo kiss!  Meanwhile, there were people walking by, runners, cyclists, and the deer were just acting like they were part of the evening crowd, enjoying the last rays of the sun. It was such an amazing experience!


  1. Again, a brilliant color scheme and texture - and the eye looks very much alive, o)
    Have fun with your new camera!
    Send you best greetings from Lower-Austria:

  2. I envy you for the experience with the deer.I can picture Sam with the deer,what a lovely event.So many times I am jealous of Snow White because birds were eating off of her hand and every animal in the forest were her friends.I love animals.
    I don't like see creatures up close and personal but your octopus is loveable:)
    I like this octopus's colours more than the one before.

  3. Your creations are fantastic and your dog wonderful!! Many compliments!!

  4. Kinga,
    You are an amazing bead embroider and you have got me looking at octerpi in a new light. Love the story of Sammy and the deer.

  5. Ein fantastisches Armband! Schade, dass Du keinen Octopus mehr machen möchtest:( Das Collier und die Armbänder sind wunderschön!!!
    Liebe Grüße Andrea