Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On The Subject Of More Tentacled Life And Small Details That Make Big Differences

 After how much everyone liked the "Octopus Neck....Thing?", I decided to make an octopus wrist thing!
I went for purple and orange, a combinations  long favored by Crocuses, Irises and myself.
Part of the challenge building an octopus that will encircle a wrist, is the closure of course. I had a beautiful clasp from the Elegant Elements collection from The Beadsmith that I really wanted to incorporate. This particular clasp is a box clasp, only , unlike any other box clasp I have encountered in the past, it's extremely well constructed, it's sturdy and and has a nice feel to it, and in many ways it's just so suitable for this project.
I wanted the octopus to hold it's jewel in it's tentacled paw, like it's holding onto it, and by that, it's also holding on to the wearer's wrist.
 Here is a close up of the all seeing eye....
 And here is how it looks when it's closed.
 When it's on, it takes a while to figure out if you  are seeing it for the first time what exactly it is that's watching you. But I kind of like that aspect of it, the mysterious octopus.
 This is how it looks on the wrist, when viewing the back ,how the tentacles grasp the jeweled clasp.
 And now more on the importance of details. As I have "grown" in my craft, so has my taste grown finer.
Gone are the days of being able to enjoy the simplicity of tube clasps.
 Utilitarian little objects without much elegance,  I am sure I will still use them for certain things, but let's just say,  Steven Weiss of the Beadsmith ruined simpler clasps for me when he kindly sent me one of his company's clasps ( the one I used on the octopus), all parts of the Elegant Elements collection.What a difference. They even feel different in your hand. They are somehow fuller, less hollow,the closing mechanism is superbly engineered, and they come in such variety of gorgeous designs, I just want to try them all! 

The ones above I have purchased at my favorite local store, the Arvada Bead Connection. Hopefully soon enough they will sell them online too. They are pricier then your average clasp, but when it comes to finishing a piece like a pro, and adding that special touch to jewelry, it makes all the difference.

Recently I have decided to label my jewelry. I worked with a fellow Etsy seller , Greenbeansnstrings, who created some really awesome custom labels for me. I have done my research about labels, I knew I did not want little metal tags, they just fall short on style for me, and I really wanted something small, something easy to recognize, yet barely there.
 I decided on these.
The color was a  work in progress, the owner of the store Lindsey, very kindly and patiently worked on it with me, and the one I am using  now is the crimson tags with the black fat little frog. While my choice might not work for everyone else, especially because not every store is as easily represented by an image as mine, I think there are some really creative options out there to label your own work.


  1. An uniquely, beautiful bracelet - like a modern painting. You master the art to paint with beads
    Best greetings from Lower-Austria:

  2. Kinga!
    Ez a karkötő bombasztikus ,szó szerint állati jól néz ki!!! Fantasztikus munka,szép ötletes darab!!A címke jó ötlet kell az ilyen szépségekre,én a web oldalt azért feltüntetném rajta mert van aki ajándékba kapja az ékszert és nem tudja hol keresse ha szeretni még tőled valamit!!

  3. Kinga, that bracelet is divine, I love it.
    I know what you mean about taste getting finer. When I first started out I used to buy every thing on Ebay, this led to seed beads being un-even and findings being, well...down right rubbish. As I've become more experienced I've learned that if I do purchase anything from Ebay, if it is ridiculously cheap for what it is then it is too good to be true, you get what you pay for as they say. What are those labels? they look interesting, is that something similar to how a metal smith would perhaps stamp their work with a signature so to speak? I think the labels are a great idea for adding a personal touch to your work.

  4. Hi,Kinga:-)
    The 'Hand-Octopus' is incerdible! :-) The very unique idea.I love the perfect colors.They seem to be nicer,than for the necklace.The Octopus is really lovely.

  5. Kinga you always take my breath away.Your imagination is amazing and the quality of your jewelry is superb.
    This bracelet is just woooooow

  6. This bracelet is stunning, Kinga! I love the way you engineered it so the octopus is "holding" the clasp! And, I couldn't agree more about the details and the quality of the details adding to a piece. I'm always conscious of how I finish a project. It's so important!

  7. Nagyon jó ez a polip ahogy rácsavarodik a csuklódra:-)))Fantasztikus ötleteid vannak:-)

  8. I just found your blog and spent a lovely few minutes this afternoon (okay, more than a few!) lost in your remarkably creative and fun designs. I'd say you're living your mission statement - you have a real capacity to create from your imagination, and we get to enjoy the results!

  9. Nagyon különleges lett, és persze csodálatosan szép!

  10. A beautiful bracelet as usual Kinga. I love the jewel clasp and how the tentacles hold the jewel. I totally agree aobut the Elegant Elements clasps as well. They are superior to any other box clasp I have ever seen of used. Beautiful work my friend!

  11. Hi Kinga,
    Another beautiful octopus I love it's colors. Great idea to sign your work with those cute little labels.