Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's Compare Pictures

 I am super happy today, because I finally got my new camera.
Wanted to see if I can take better pictures with it.
Obviously there is a whole lot to learn, but I am impressed by the results so far. Very much so.
The picture above is the best one I took with my Fujipix point and shoot. It's a better angle, because the camera is tiny and I could fit it in the light tent better. I used a slightly greyer back ground  on the older picture as well.

With the new Nikon D3100, the colors just pop! The angle is worse, because the tent is tiny, I will need to get a slightly bigger one ,but I love how much more alive the octopus looks on this picture.
Now I just have to figure out all the settings, it's a tad bit intimidating, but everything worthwhile ever is.


  1. Wow that octopus is beautiful!! The new camera really helps show your awesome use of color.

  2. It's a wonderful beadwork ... I love it!!!

  3. Un gran trabajo, me encanta!!!

  4. Nagyon szép lett ! nekem a szürke háttér jobban tetszik ,jobban kihozza a színeit!!

  5. looks great , this octopus, the colour ,too.
    sieht wunderschön aus, dieser octopus. die farben auch.