Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am back!

....From vacation, that is.
And from being seriously overworked. So I should get back to posting more often. Let's start with some new pieces I created while on vacation.

These bracelets are the continuation of the Harvest Home bracelet, that was the first one in this "collection". If one could call it that.
The truth is, I just loved the first one so very much, that I have worn it to the point I don't think I should sell the piece anymore, so I made more.

Autumn Oak is the one with the chocolate colored grain stone center, and Pumpkin Bliss is the one with the orange coral vintage Swarovski cabochons.

Paul, Sammy and I spent our vacation in Minnesota, and some of that vacation was spent (mostly by me, definitely not by Sammy,and somewhat by Paul) by gazing at the ever changing deciduous trees switching their green summer frock out for their celebratory harvest garb in the loveliest shades of orange, yellow red , purple and possibly The Colour Out of Space ...

So while the shapes remain similar to the first bracelet (shown on the picture that features all three together), the colors are changing like the trees, and since I am having so much fun making these, I think there will be more...


  1. Welcome back from vacation,dear Kinga! Your bracelets are adorable and each beautiful in its color.
    I am a big fan of your bead art and I like just about everything you created.

  2. Oh wow Kinga, the bracelets are stunningly beautiful, you rock! Welcome back from your vacation.