Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ohm, Oh My!

First of all, as You can see , snuggling is a favorite family activity in the Nichols household.
I HAD TO include this picture, it was so darn cute.
Then we have another Ohm bracelet. This time, my sister, Georgina asked me to make her one of these. She promised to make me some organic felted soap bars in return , because,
Dear Reader, in our family creativity is that abundant.

(Now if we could just make a living off of it, I could not wish for more...)

Her wishes were simple: include matte turquoise, some lined drops.
I know I wanted to keep the color palette simple, I might be into crazy peacock shades, but I know she wanted something she could wear with just about anything.
So I did not let the peacocks run away with me:))

My previous Ohm bracelets, The Nicole Yogini style were made with larger Ohm medallions.
I could not find those anymore. Life would be too easy if beady resources were that consistent, right?

So I got smaller round ones. I think they did the trick.

If you look close, there is also a very simple pendant on a teal leather cord. Slightly different colors, but very similar.
That is a birthday present for a very good friend, Brookey.
I hope both ladies will like their goodies...


  1. I love them Kinga, and I'm sure your friend will too.

  2. Great family photo!!! Simple, elegant and soooooo soothing. Beautiful gifts Kinga

  3. We keep our cat Mimi in our arms as well,she has 7.5 kg, a big baby like yours .O)
    Your man and dog enyoy it, you can see that.
    This new jewelry set is beautiful I love the colors - shades of petrol and turquoise.
    Wish you a happy day:

  4. The picture is adorable, and love that you included it. The bracelet turned out beautifully! I love peacock, and have often let it take over. I'm planning another peacock piece right now. Well, I'm planning about 100 pieces, but thats me..always planning and accomplishing little.