Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If I had a real camera, these would be the kind of pictures I would be taking

I good friend of mine owns an awesome camera, and she kindly took a few pics of my most recent pieces, plus of course Sammy.
(Doesn't she have the most beautiful face in the whole wide world?)

And some with Sammy modeling my new necklace too.

It's interesting how my camera never got the shade of the red necklace right, on my pictures it all shows up as orange. So here , dear world, I give you the Red Necklace in it's original color!


  1. Nice photos love the back drop and Sammy too!

  2. LOL - I love the one where the dog is wearing the necklace!

  3. Your friend has made ​​artistic photos of your magnificent jewelry. They have the quality to appear in a photo book. Your Sammy is so cute, he is aware of the importance of the matter! Such a candid view can have only a dog.
    Best greetings:

  4. Great photos of your gorgeous work, Kinga! And your model is a doll!!

  5. One word. Picasa!!! Or maybe even Windows7?

    Beautiful work as usual, but you know, you can correct the color your camera presents you with...

  6. Kinga, my dear frined, let me introduce you to Picasa, a lovely tool from Google that will let you adjust the color yur own camera presents you with, until it looks like reality! Beautiful things as usual!