Monday, October 10, 2011

Reveal Day

I have three entries to share with you for the " Harley Davidson Inspired" Challenge.
They are in chronological order of completion.
The first one is mine.

It's another experiment with negative spaces and making bead embroidery lighter looking and feeling, and including the wearer to become part of the "exhibit" by showing skin thorough the cutouts of the jewelry. It's a simple bracelet with my pave pattern of fresh water pearls and tiny size 15 charlottes, with an oval cutout partially filled with a large pink oval Swarovski stone.

Powerful, ultra feminine, for the lady who likes to ride hard.

The second one is Therese Frank's Harley Cuff. Here she describes it in her own words:
"I made a leather cuff with a Silver Lace Agate cab. I beaded around the cab using size 11/o delicas to match the colors in the cab. I also used silver size 15/0 seed beads, black size 6/0 seed beads, black size 8/0 seed beads, silver tone base metal 3 mm round beads, 4mm Czech silver fire polished crystals, and black size 11/0 seed beads for trim around the cuff.
The closure is a heavy duty snap.
Making this cuff was quite a challenge for me, because this is not the kind of thing I normally do, but i had fun making it and I am looking forward to another bead embroidery project to do."

I love that Therese, who makes awesome beadwoven jewelry took this as a personal challenge and ventured into the unknown land of bead embroidery.
And what a debut Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a powerful statement of a cuff.

Therese, keep the eye candy coming, you rock!

Please visit Therese's blog, Therere's Treasure including the new pieces she created with the boro beads she won at my give away last month.

The third one is Sharayah Sheldon's pendant, here is her description of it:
"The focal polymer clay is stamped with an "industrial looking" appearance.
The "V" shape is known in the Harley family as their signature engine.
Most of the beads used are real metal reminding me of the tour with all the scrap metal recycled.
I sued antique silver beads... wrapping them around the copper beads.
The clean layered appearance represents the workplace...clean and layers of tasks done to complete the engine.
Finally the multicolored metallic beads remind me of the many colors of Harley bikes."

Remember Dear Reader, when I visited my friend Sharayah back in August, we took a tour of the Harley factory. So part of the inspiration is from that trip.

Sharayah's work never ceases to surprise me. Her colors are always in perfect harmony, and her shapes and textures always show a brand new side of bead embroidery, pushing the limits with every new piece.
Her store on etsy, 4uidzne is full of wonders.

In a way, even though we only had 3 entries this month, this was a total success.
All three of us tried something new, I got to play around with how turn turn a traditional bead embroidered cuff into light and airy floating thing,
Therese got to try her hand at bead embroidery, and ended up with a gorgeous , very powerful piece, and Sharayah made a pendant that is truly inspired by Harley in more then one ways, making the challenge very much her own.
Great job Ladies:))


  1. Remember, quantity does not equate with quality!! All three entries are proud representation of Harley Davidson and its members.
    Therese, your cuff rocks. Ohh, the smell of leather. Any biker loves that!! The bigger the better.........and both men and women would wear this.

    Kinga, Your use of negative space once again is astonishing. You keep pushing the envelop. The bumpy pearl paths are so symbolic of the many miles of road a biker travels on. And they the pink focal. Harley Davidson has bike rallies the entire month of October to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.

    On a personal note, that pink focal......well really the entire cuff would go sooo well with my pink retro Malaguti bike and Pink Harley Davidson leather jacket.

    I enjoyed this challenge..thanks Kinga.

  2. Your beadworks are fabulous. The boldness of the colors and size are terrific.
    -Eva Maria

  3. Ok here it goes again, there was technical difficulties with the first comment I left. Kinga I love your open concept on your cuff and the big pink crystal and pearls are just amazing very Biker Momma stuff!
    Sharayah's pendant is out of this world! I like how she based her design on the engine of a Harley. The circle of clay reminds me of an S&S carburetor. She owns a pink Harley how cool is that my favorite color.
    Thank you for having this challenge it was a lot of fun and looking forward to the next one.

  4. Wow! What beautiful work! I absolutely LOVE the cuff you made. The stone is very striking and looks like its floating. Your use of negative space is wonderful.