Monday, October 31, 2011

New Bracelet, New Clutch

Here comes "Golden Age". It reminds me of Klimt. Lots of gold, lots of texture. With it's substantial size, this is not for the faint of heart.
The cabochon is hugged by antique matte golds of many kind, a nice Swarovski rivoli, pearls and tila beads. The backing is distressed gold lambskin.
Very fancy, makes me think of celebrations, and the season for those is just around the corner.
Then we have something new here. Now that I am done with the circles, I figured I would venture into baggies.

I am not a purse designer, and in general I don't care for purses. I like useful baggies to stash my jewelry in, or toiletries, or business cards, whatever I need to stash, the baggie needs to be functional and simple.

So why not just a piece of incredibly luxurious gray sheepskin, folded neatly, stitched with sinew, with a simple flap and magnetic clasp, big enough to put your phone in, wallet, camera?
Sometimes simplicity is all we need.

No lining, no edging, no extra stitching, just a minimalist design with the right amount of embellishment.

With this piece I want to go back to a more organic sort of design idea, simple lines, simple materials, all the function with a pleasing form, nothing extra.

There are more baggies on the way!


  1. Kinga, the cuff is gorgeous I love your style! The baggie is a very neat idea and I love the simplicity of this one. The embellishment was just the right touch.

  2. Love both! That cuff is Golden Gorgeous! Love the stone... mustard jsaper?

  3. Marsha, I think You are right about the cabochon. I got it when I was visiting you, and I know there was a lace agate in thee somewhere, but this is not an agate, so it must be the jasper! Thank You for looking out for me:))

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  5. Love the purse Kinga. The bag is pretty and your embellishment makes it perfect.

  6. Fantastic designs. The colors are beautiful
    -Eva Maria

  7. Kinga, the bracelet is just breathtaking! Yes, Klimt does come to mind, but it's all your beautiful work! Gorgeous!

  8. Very nice beading and a wonderful blog


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