Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gothic Cathedral Bracelet

 What do Gothic Cathedrals have to do with eyeballs you may ask.
Well, a lot. I can tell you this, because I spent my childhood dragged into such places all across the Old World by my Grandma, who graciously took me on pilgrimages with her church group.
 Such trips involved sitting on buses for days heading towards Italy, Germany  and Belgium among other places, while listening to the old ladies take their turn by the driver's microphone, singing such classics as "The Lamb of God" at full volume, while our destinations were the holiest places in the whole of Christiandom.
I , unfortunately for my Grandma,have been religiously challenged from an early age,and though my heart does not have a God shaped hole in it, I have been captivated by the beauty of such places as long as I can remember.
 The artwork is fascinating, and so I have set through masses, even the ordination of a bishop, a truly exclusive event in Saint Patrick's in NYC, when my grandma came to visit me while I lived in New York a few years back...
 I have  always been fascinated by the art, the sculptures, the murals,  the rituals,and the austere atmosphere, and couldn't help but think of all the people who came before me, as far back as the Middle Ages, (except for of course in the case of Saint Patty's), who felt so minuscule, so insignificant in the presence of such grandness, in the presence of a God that was watching them from high above.
And don't be mistaken, in a cathedral, there are hundreds of Saints, the Virgin and the Holy Trinity ever so watchful looking down at you.
So that' where the eyeballs come from. The pattern, well, the pattern is as usual, it's just what's in my head. 
I just happened to be thinking about Gothic Cathedrals while I was making this bracelet, and then all the sudden there was more and more purple, visions of rosette windows and stained glass....

It was fun, and right after I listed it on Etsy, it sold. Bye bye Cathedral.


  1. Very exciting and beautiful bracelet.
    The Gothic splendor of all bears.
    I love it!

  2. Helló Kinga! Ez fantasztikus!!! Köszönöm a látogatásod a blogjaimban:) Szívesen veszem a fogyipartner felajánlásod mert egyedül nagyon elveszett vagyok ezzel a feladattal:))))

  3. És nem mellesleg elállt a lélegzetem a karkötőd láttán:)))

  4. Hello,Kinga:
    Thank You for stopping at my blog and having become my Follower.
    I am also paying my re-visit to You,as all these I can see here is really astounding.Your Work is incredibly unique in colors,textures and the way of stitching.This bracelet has got a specific climate:it seems to 'live'.Whenever I look at it,I discover a new,surprising element.It's like a colorful dream.I saw Your pieces on Etsy and the rings have attracted me specially.They are all fantastic.I also like YOur second blog,about the dog,as I am also a dog lover.I have two female dachshounds-a mother and a daughter-Niunia & Kropka.
    I do hope,we'll stay in touch,despite the huge distance between us.
    Warm Greetings from frozen Sweden-Halinka-

  5. Your work is becoming so rich and lush. This is glorious!!!

  6. Kinga,
    The cuff is amazing, not surprised at all that it sold as soon as it was listed. How cool for you that you got to go with you Grandma to all of those historic Cathedrals. When I was a child having to sit for an hour through Mass I would drift away in daydreams looking at the stained glass windows and the statues. I have to say the art work is so beautiful.

  7. It's perfect work and beautiful design;)

  8. Congratulations on your sale! Your bracelet is beautiful. I love the way you captured your feelings of a cathedral.

  9. A gorgeous bracelet, Kinga, and its materials make me think also of "natural" cathedrals - stone arches and monuments - in the American West, and the eyes of the beautiful creatures who live there. Just beautiful!

  10. Oooo wow! I feel that. It's beautiful it's almost as if I can see what you saw. The purple, how gorgeous! Congrats and the immediate sale yay!

  11. Beautiful, I feel that! It's almost as if I see what you had seen, through this piece. Lovely. Beautiful purple highlights! Congrats on another immediate sale! yay!

  12. Beautiful, gorgeous and I haven't words to describe what i feel while looking at this! :):)