Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oceanic Garden Bracelet

 I can't seem to catch up with things here: I finished this piece last night, posted it on Etsy,  then Facebook,and then I went to bed, thinking I will just blog about it n a couple days, I have time.
Especially because the the bracelet was made for the March "Destinations" challenge of the Etsy Beadweavers, and let's just say that's still a long way ahead.

 Well ,that was last night, and this morning this piece was sold. So I guess I will make something else for that challenge, until then I am doing my happy happy dance as I send this and the Golden Age bracelet to their lovely new owners, may she enjoy them for a really long time.
 This piece is pretty special. The focal came from Kritsti Bowman's Etsy store. She makes wonderful PMC creations, no matter what kind of jewelry you make, you WILL indeed want some of these. Or if you aren't making anything, then you will want her own creations, like the awesome earrings she makes with her components. Kristi also writes a great blog:
 Then to the left of the center, the ceramic cabochon came from Lisa Stevens' Etsy store, she is a sculptor and animator, the lady behind such classics as Chicken Run and Wallace and Grommit-Curse of the Wererabbit. Her work is a must see .
 Then I was doing some more experiments with the background, I think I like the green best in this case.
 I really wanted this bracelet to be all about texture, and I named it Oceanic Garden after some thinking.
 It reminded me of the Little Mermaid's underwater garden. Not in the Disney movies, but in the real Hans Christian Andersen story, where, like all her sisters she has her own garden on the seafloor.
I am  very happy that this piece sold so very fast, but I will miss it a little.


  1. You have a speed on it, dear Kinga;o)Hardly the fantastic bracelet is finished, it's already sold!
    I can understand very well, that your hard depends on this beautiful piece.
    Send you a further hug:

  2. Wow, it's really beautiful! :)

    1. Congratulations on the sale! It is a beautiful bracelet.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to see one of my copper components in such a beautiful piece! I look forward to seeing more! Thanks Kinga!