Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dragon's Garden Bracelet

 Welcome to the Dragon's Garden.  SSSSShhh!!! It's sleeping, yet somehow it is still watching you watching her....
 Steven Weiss of Bead Smith contacted me to see if I was interested in trying out his company's newest, coolest offering,  Metal Elements metal seed beads.
Of course I was.
I am the dragon that hoards Shinies...
The matte zinc size 11s and 15s were fun to use, the color is definitely more true on these metal beads then on glass beads, when it comes to this soft  metallic gunmetal.
I also got some size 15  24 carat gold plated metal seed beads from Steven  too, can't wait to think of something to use those for...
 The center cabochon is the work of Nixcreations on Etsy. He makes some really intense fantasy inspired eye cabochons. The one I used here is a human eye I think, but in purple.Anyhow, it reminded me of dragons...
 I am the lucky owner of other crazy fun eyes from this seller too, so there will be more beady eyes starring at you soon.
There are also some taxidermy eyes, heliotrope rivolis and mini dichroic cabs, mostly covered by the metal seed beads, so they look like squinty little eyes peeping out from their reptilian folds.


  1. Kinga, ez a karkötő egy mese!!! Micsoda színek és minta, azokról a titokzatos szemekről már nem is beszélve! Gratulálok, nagyon tetszik!

  2. Kinga, This cuff is fantastic love the colors and all the eyes looking back at you. It is really an honor to be asked to try a product out kudoes to you.

  3. Now I have to control myself and not to write exactly what I wanted to :)
    Holly God woman !!!! This is so amazing !!
    Sherry Serafini move over !!
    You made those seed beads talking to us.
    Those cabochons are amazing but the way you put them together is just wooooooooooow..
    I totally want those seed beads :)

  4. Hello dear Kinga,
    Your new band has something mystical, magical in itself. The name fits perfectly.
    I hope the New Year is as good as your jewelry is beautiful.
    With a hug:

  5. Beautiful work, Kinga! You've really captured the essence of the dragon - her scales and eyes are so shiny and elegant! Just gorgeous, as always!

  6. Beautiful Kinga! Really looks like eyes imbedded in scales. I LOVE it!

  7. I love it Kinga, I agree they are really talking and you can feel yourself being watched, so cool. I too want those seed beads:)

  8. Very like these lurking dragons! Fantastic leather imitation of a dragon. I love !!:-)

  9. Absolutely stunning! The eye cabochons are so cool looking!!! Happy new year!

  10. Ladies, Thank You so very much for all the nice things you said about my Dragon!Happy New Year to You All!


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