Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

 We got snowed in! Big wonderful snowflakes dropping out of the sky, like in a fairy tale quieting the whole world, covering everything in this wonderful soft white blanket that brings peace to one's soul.
Except if you are Sammy. There is no stillness in this little furry girl. This might have been the only quiet moment this morning, she was just bouncing and snow plowing with her face.
 I got to finish my "Illuminated by Candlelight" challenge piece. I post it now, since I think there will be a few other friends joining in on this challenge, and I want to have everyone have their own post. If  you guys happen to send the entries all at once, I will post them together, but if I can, I just give you all a whole post.
 This piece was meant to be somber, dark and elegant.
Well, that just never happened with this one to say the least!

My last couple bracelets were dark and gloomy. And I love dark and gloomy. It's a big part of me, actually.
But when I sat down yesterday to add the backdrop colors to this piece, I just needed to do something uplifting, and this cuff turned into a festival of twinkly lights, and the backdrop instead of grey turned purple, blue and green, just fun.
 So we have the three candle lights spreading cheer and warm colors all over the place.
Orange dominates this concept, with a metallic super soft lambskin lining that just adds pizzazz to the composition.
 This is fun, girly, bright, loud and full of life. Garish, but classy,obnoxious but sweet, a walking paradox. Except it's not walking anywhere. Love it or hate it is what it is.
Hopefully it goes to someone who can handle this much attitude in a small package...

Update: I have just seen the first finished entry, from Evi, of and it's awesome!!!
So tomorrow I will post her work. This is turning into a wonderful birthday present that keeps on giving.


  1. I love these warm, fun colors! I love to play with colors. Was beautiful as always!

  2. I love the combination of colours in this Kinga, good luck with your entry,