Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just some more rings for good measure, and how about a give away?

 I figured it was time again to make some more rings. People seem to like them.
I like them. Even Sammy seems to like them.
 So here they are, the fruits of two evenings' labor. Shiny cool stuff.
Compared to bracelets and anything else, rings are easy and don't take too long.
 They are fun from every angle, fit everyone, and just the perfect way to use the random little scraps of leather and bead/cabochon orphans.
 Sammy is definitely very satisfied with them.
 But You know what happens when one gets too comfy, a bit bored and one doesn't pay enough attention?
Mistakes happen. Like gluing on the front of the ring slightly off kilter. What a shame, because those shiny little seed beads are awesome little 24 carat gold plated metal seed beads  that I got  for free from the Bead Smith to make jewelry with, so they can use the pictures. The gold stone cab is pretty neat too.
Say, do you have it in your heart to give this little misfit a good home?
If you do, just drop me a comment and tomorrow night, if there is more then one, I randomly pick one and send this ring on it's way...
Warning: not for the OCD beady person. (Like me. It would drive me nuts to look at my mistake on my finger all day...)


  1. :)) hello Kinga:)) I agree with Sammy:)) I woulb be happy if i could give a sweet home for a nice little ring:)))

  2. Hello Kinga,
    your handemade rings are very charming, one is more beautiful than the other! No wonder, that Sammy has with the rings a great joy ;o)
    Send you a hug:

    The rings are INCREDIBLE!All of them are BEAUTIFUL!Fine colors and shapes.They certainly look like sophisticated,expensive pieces of jewels:-)
    How about Giveaway?? I am FIRST and all for it!
    :-))) Who knows,maybe I will be lucky to have one from You...?

  4. I happened to know a good home for this little misfit :))
    I would be happy to have her and I promise I would never let her feel any different than my babies:))

  5. Kinga, The misfit ring is beautiful it just give it more character to be off kilter just a tad. All of the other rings are beautiful too.

  6. The rings are beautiful! Both love it! The one you keep for yourself! You look great!

  7. OK.....I don't believe I have ever left a comment on your page before (although I have been following your blog for quite a while), so this is somewhat awkward for me. But I love your rings and would love to have one. I am based in Italy though, am I eligible?.....fingers crossed lol.

  8. The ring is perfect for my arthritic fingers. A crooked ring for crooked fingers! If it doesn't lie straight on one hand, I'll turn it around and put it on the other where it will!

  9. Really beautiful! The rings and...the dog!!!

  10. I think they're all so charming! I'd love to win one!

  11. What a beautiful collection Kinga! These have a subtle elegance and sophistication, while still keeping an edgy funkiness. LOVE!