Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hopefully there will be more entries, but until then...

well, until then, here are some pictures of our mini vacation. We traveled through the Rocky Mountain National Park, but dogs aren't allowed to hike there. Stayed in a cottage in Grand Lake, then went through Winter Park, where I found some humongous boletes,(Boletus Edulis) also known as ceps, or porcini, second only to truffles when it comes to cost, and second to none when it comes to taste.

Also to my greatest surprise, I found a lone Fly Agaric.(Amanita Muscaria) Surely you are familiar with this mushroom, it is the only mushroom most people can recognize, from story books mostly.

Red cap with white polka dots.

Funny thing is, it is not supposed to grow in the US, at least not the red variety, when found, they are usually yellow. This is a psychoactive mushroom that contains muscimol, and it is said, that it's the same as Soma, an energizing elixir, that the Rigveda talks about.

Where I grew up in Hungary we had these growing all over the woods. I always knew they were poisonous and I am not much for getting high, so I left the Amanita for the flies, and took home my two beautiful porcinis.


  1. Hi Kinga, Colorado is a beautiful state I love the mountains. I pasted through Colorado last summer on my way to Washington.
    Those mushrooms are huge and I believe you when you said that they are delish.

  2. Fantastic photo of your fur baby!!!!