Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Next feature for the Hardware Store Challenge by Jessie Yost

This clever necklace is the work of Jessie Yost of Lexington, Kentucky. She has been beading for over ten years now, and she makes some amazing things, muchLink of which is available at her Etsy store.

Jess likes roller coasters,fast cars, spending time with her family listening to Jennifer Daniels (and thanks to her I can't stop listening to her now either:) As a matter of fact I am listening to her right now!
Jessie also writes a really neat blog that's called My Cat ate your 5.

If you take a look at her Etsy store, you'll notice that her choices of colors are always fresh, her color combinations are crisp and fun, and her work is playful and inventive. Her Sunburst Beaded Earrings illustrate that beautifully!

This challenge came to Jessie naturally, as she works at Home Depot, and she cleverly used the store's logo for inspiration here. Isn't that neat?
Jessie also happens to be my fellow Etsy Beadweaver Team member.


  1. Clever necklace, I never would have thought of incorporating a tool in a design. Great job Jessie.

  2. Thank you! What nice things you say about me!


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