Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharayah Sheldon from 4uidzne is our next participant...

... And featuring her brings me great pleasure. She is a fellow Etsy Beadweaver team member, and best among friends. One could say she is my"sister from another mother"!

Her designs are imaginative, extravagant, luxurious and she keeps on redefining what bead embroidery is, by constantly pushing her own and her viewers boundaries.

I just love this piece. It's a choker, but it can be expanded and I think she is planning on additions to it, to possibly turn it into a collar. It doubles as an arm band, and it's fully adjustable.
The filter cone brass thingies she used are just so hardcore!
Makes me wish I thought of that before:)
And the washers for the secondary focals make such a wonderful backdrop to those neat little meshy cone dingers.

This lovely piece is named "The Mechanic's Night Out".
Sharayah's fantastic creations are available for purchase at her etsy store, and she is represented by the Jewelry Mechanic, a truly amazing gallery in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
Keep on rocking Lady!


  1. Beautiful piece - I love the title!

  2. I'm blown away that is one fantastic piece of wearable artwork.

  3. Thanks EWA........this event was great, thanks Kinga

  4. Great piece! I love the hardware components you used Sharayah.

  5. Thanks's not posted for purchase b/c I intend to add to this. Plans include but not limited to a polishing buffing ring, additional mesh cones of various sizes and other "gadgets" Of course chain is a must!!

    The string of rhinestones around the center cone "glams" it up. And who says a mechanic is male??

  6. Thanks Jessie. My idea for a theme would be "Harley Davidson" Think of all the biker's out there, always looking to one-up the other riders as well as the # of riders, stores and bike rallies for worthwhile causes that will continue through the fall season!!! Just wear it out & chances are someone will want to purchase it right off of happens:)