Friday, July 1, 2011

Sneaky peeky of hardware challenge

After dropping forty bucks at McGuckin's (World's greatest hardware store, ok maybe Boulder's greatest hardware store), I raided my bead chest and pulled out all sorts of goodies that I will be using for this piece. And figured I might as well take a picture, so All You Beady Ladies can see whats brewing here. The secret ingredient in this necklace is kitty cat. Butters the terrorist managed to get into my photo shoot, into my shadow box - picture taking tent thingy, and soon after decided to kick things out of the box. He is an accomplished football player (soccer , that is the real football as far as I am concerned, although I don't really care for any team sports), so I had to get Paul to escort him to the closet where he was locked up for a bit.

He really can't help it, the box brings out his nesting instincts...
The Buttersless picture shows the general color scheme and materials. Lots of copper dingers.

A very kind and gentle lady helped me find "aesthetically pleasing small copper thingies" at the hardware store.( I thought of You, Jessie,) I wonder how often do ditsy looking blondes go to hardware stores and ask for such... It is my intention to go back with the finished piece and show her that her efforts were not in vain.

I am planning to use various black cabochons, a small doll eyeball, lots of silver, grey and some orangey seed beads, pearls, some crystals and what not. If any of you started working on your pieces yet, you could send me some pics too ,and I can post your sneak peaks here too.
I might not use all the things featured here, and might even use some that didn't make it into this picture, but this is the beginning of it.

To my greatest delight, a lovely beady lady, Donna contacted me with some pictures of two really neat bracelets with hardware store goodies. She made them a while ago, but since it fits the challenge perfectly, and I really don't have any rules and this challenge is all inclusive, we'll definitely include her work here two.

This is so exciting!


  1. Love what you have and can not wait to see it all come together. So far all I have is some copper washers that I already had in my stash. I need to get my butt to the hardware store and fast.

  2. Great parts pile... I can't wait to see what you do with them!