Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first beady little give away

I have been thinking about doing a give away for a while, to spread the beady love to my kind readers, who slowly but surely increase in numbers. Thank You so much to all of You!

I made this little bracelet just for the purpose of giving it way, it's very simple , but hopefully it will make someone happy.
I used purple sheepskin for the front, metallic silver sheepskin for the back, and a beautiful raku cabochon by fellow Etsy artist Wondrousstrange.
I have purchased an assortment of raku cabs from this wonderful lady, if you are in the market for such work, her store is a veritable treasury of raku goodness, please check it out.

Like I said, it's simple and neat, nothing really fancy, and if you like it all you have to do is follow my blog (if you are already a follower that's great too), and leave me a comment right here on this post, and on the 30th at night, I will choose a random winner.
The bracelet will fit a wrist that's between 6.5-7 inches wide.
Due to the nature of the bracelet being free, I rather not re size it, but even if it isn't your size, it could still make a great gift to a loved one, right?


  1. Lovely, Kinga! I'm in the mood for something free so wish me luck. ;)

  2. New follower here! GORGEOUS bracelet! (perfect size for me too!) :-)


  3. The cuff is lovely, just my thing, that Cab is really unusual i must check out her other creations

  4. I love the cuff Kinga, and it would look good on my wrist! ;-)

  5. Meg still can't leave comments on my blog, so here is her comment she left on Facebook for me:"Hi Kinga, wonderful bracelet!! Would be awesome to win. :D Well done!"

  6. Kinga, the bracelet is beautiful, I have followed your blog since the begining and would love to win this beauty.

  7. I'm so glad everyone wants to participate! Unfortunately two more people told me that they couldn't leave any comments on my blog, one left me this message on Facebook:Absolutely Love your creations! Everytime I wear my bracelet I get tons of compliments! Keep up the beautiful work! Love, Brooke
    Can you post this on your blog? I was unable to do so and I would like to enter in the drawing for your bracelet! Thanx! The other one Cindy Wilson is also a follower and could not leave a comment either, so she can consider herself entered too:))

  8. I have no idea what's up with blogger, but two more followers contacted me for not being able to post their comments ,and were worried that they would miss the give away. No worries friends, I just tally you up. Liz left me this message on FB: "I'd love to win this bracelet!! I LOVE the bracelet I purchased from you, I get compliments allll the time. I love the bead designs in all of the jewelry, especially in this bracelet. If I could afford more things I would buy them haha I tried to leave you a post on your blog but the dang thing wouldn't work!! "
    Also Clair Little followed in the hopes of winning but couldn't leave a message. Claire, you are in too! :))


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