Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heartwood Harware necklace, here we go....

..... Just a teentsy peak. I was off for two days so I got to finish my challenge piece. Don't worry if your's isn't done yet ,and don't worry if it's not as big as this one. This is just one picture of Sammy wearing the new piece, on the 20th there will be more of this, and more of everyone else's who decided to participate. Then all the participants will submit ideas for next month, my only criteria is that you guys keep it original and possibly weird, and I shall put up a poll and we'll all vote on it, how about that?

Ps:Please send some healing thoughts or prayers or whatever you got towards the beastie child, she is battling a mean anal gland abscess. She still wiggles, swims, eats and fishes as usual,but it's pretty hard for her to sit at the moment. It took a whole handful of treats to coerce her into modeling...


  1. The necklace is terrific, Kinga, and your model is adorable! Sorry she's under the weather and hope she'll be better soon. Can't wait to see the other challenge entries!

  2. Hi Kinga,
    I'll be sending you my pictures in an e-mail. Mine is not as decortive as your beautiful collar, but I think it's pretty. I hope that your fur daughter gets to feeling 100 percent again soon.