Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So the deadline isn't here yet, but the entries are coming in....

... And I thought I should feature them based on the order I receive them. First we have two lovely bracelets from Donna Dombrowski Nowaczyk Hopkins, my fellow Coloradoan. She lives in Lakewood, not far from me and she found me via the Etsy Beadweavers Team. How neat is that?

Donna has been beading for ten years now, you can find many of her pieces on Facebook. She does all sorts of bead work, even bead embroidery, which is needless to say, closest to my heart. She is a member of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society, and she sells some of her pieces. She has done every kind of beading known to human kind, and her Facebook pictures are a good representation of her extensive body of work.

What I love about her two bracelets is that they are simple, yet the designs speak for themselves. The colors are very well chosen, the elements fit together neatly, and the bracelets are meant to be worn, they look very comfortable.

Donna's pictures on Facebook can be viewed by everyone, so please stop by and check out her work if you have a moment.

Dear Donna, by participating in my challenge you will get to take part in choosing next month's theme. Leave a comment for me with your favorite idea, and at the end of this challenge, I will put up a poll and we'll vote on it.
Thank You so much for your participation.


  1. Cool bracelets they look like his and hers. So looking forward to seeing what everyone has done.

  2. Donna's name is familiar to me, and I look forward to checking out her work. The bracelets are great!