Thursday, July 14, 2011

Next entry from Therese Frank

I can't stop oohing and aahing over this necklace by Therese. How inventive, how unusual!

She used copper washers and a decorative chain she found at her local hardware store in Montgomery, Alabama. This piece has a distinctly medieval feel to it that I just love.
The design is clean and elegant, but with the chunky chain it turns into something that looks like it has been just discovered in a shipwreck, off the coast of Key West on a sunken Spanish galleon.
Can You guys see that too?

Therese has a wonderful blog, where you can see more of her imaginative designs.
Her writing style is captivating and she has the best scoops on beady give aways. That's how she ended up winning fellow blogger, Andrew Thorton's bead giveaway.
The purple beads in her necklace are from that pile of wonderful beady goodies.

Therese is a lady of many talents: she paints, quilts, crochets, makes clothes, does cross stitch, and" a few other things":)) A woman after my own heart.

Therese, please leave me a comment with your suggestion for next month's challenge theme.


  1. Thank you Kinga for the kind words. I enjoyed this challenge it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have thought about a suggestion and I came up with "The Roaring 20's" that was the beginning of the Art Deco era and I love that style, Tourch singers, Flapper Girls, and lots of pearls and BLING!!!! LOL

  2. That is an awesome piece - ohhs and aahs here too:-)

  3. I love that era too! Great suggestion Therese. Let's see if anyone comes up with anything.